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Aluminum extrusion at elevated temperatures, about 400 óJ ~500 óJ, enables considerable changes of shape to be achieved in a single operation where otherwise shaping them is impractical. This production process can be distinguished from aluminum casting and forging. Common shapes or applications supplied by providers of aluminum extrusion include rod or wire, construction or building products, tubing or hose, etc. Briefly speaking, any identical cross section of various materials can be extruded into pre-designed shapes. According to their uses and applications, extruded products can be discriminated into general and industrial extrusions:

Including major building materials, like office aluminum curtain-walls, aluminum windows and doors, balcony trellis, garage frames, aluminum ladders, freezing storehouse frames, decorations, trimming materials and so on.
In the modern age, that office blocks compartmented by curtain walls becomes a mainstream of modern architecture design, and one major contribution to this trend is the wall's weightless character.

The curtain wall is treated as a building's outer wall, so much so that it shall be equipped with those functions of outer walls; artistic values, Earthquake and Wind-Resistance, rain-proof, and has sound and heat-insulation. Comparing with traditional construction materials, it has the following merits:

  • lighter weight, smaller weight load to construction joins or a building.
  • thinner column, thinner wall, larger floor area.
  • the majority of components may be assembled in advance, reduces labor-hour.
  • the majority of components can be produced in factory quality and reliability are guaranteed
  • modularized products, installs skilled labor is not needed for installation, problems such as not having enough labors or technicians tend to be over-aged can be solved.
  • All sorts of tendencies demonstrate that the aluminum curtain wall design will be the mainstream of future Taiwan architecture, at present advanced countries like Japan and US have already promoted the use of curtain wall to its full scale.
    Aluminum materials for doors and windows have always been a major selling product of aluminum extrusion industry. By the advancement of living standard here in Taiwan, people require the basic functions of windows (aero-seal, water-tight, sound-resistance, security, etc.) to develop further, even the artistic values and styles have been much more emphasized than before. So far no other materials but aluminum ones can posses simultaneously all these functions. With the aid of matured extrusion technique and aluminum's advantages of easy to shape, a large market potential can beexpected for aluminum doors and windows, as long as the functional design can be further improved.
    Freezers are the essential equipments for convenient stores, supermarkets, street vendors or shops to freeze cold drinks and meats. Current domestic technology of manufacturing freezers has already well developed and companies that produce freezers have relevant capability of exporting freezers to overseas, such as south-east Asia and mainland China; the need of aluminum material for making freezer door frames is thus huge, and we have built up long-term relationships with our customers to meet the market needs.
    We produces and develops aluminum products that can be employed and applied to different aspects, products such as aluminum ladders, bathroom safety arm-rests, skid- prevention footrests, hospital and airport bulletin frames, advertisement frames, blackboard chalk-trays, white board aluminum frames, show/display-room supporting frames, computer-desk drawer slides, clean-room compartment materials, broom handles, cooling vents for buildings, materials for camera tripods, curtain tracks, canes, recliner frames, suitcase frames, wardrobe cross-bars, are currently on our production lines!

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