Different alloy proportion,
production methods and techniques
should be applied to produce
customer-oriented aluminum

A 4-figure serial number system is applied to classify extrusions. The classifications are specified as follows:

Alloy classification Representative alloy Material characteristics Main use
1000 series 1050 • 1070 High pure aluminum, electric conductivity, heat conductivity, corrosion-resistance a conducting material for the heat exchange installment, piping for chemical engineering
2000 series 2011 • 2014 2017 • 2117 2024 outstanding machinability, high strength, inferior corrosion-resistance duralumin , a machinable material; can be made for screw, airplane, forging, sports goods and automobile hydraulic parts
3000 series 3003 • 3203 better thermal stability than pure aluminum. high intensity., better corrosion-resistance heat exchange installment, duplicator photosensitive tube, piping for chemical engineering
4000 series 4032 Heat-resisting, hard-wearing VCR magnetic head, piston components, forging uses
5000 series 5052 • 5056 mid-intensity alloy, good corrosion-resistance and weldability piping for chemical engineering, machine parts, camera tubes
6000 series 6061 outstanding corrosion-resistance, mid-intensity, alloy. weldable and can be further processed for vehicles, ships, materials for delivery-via-sea, road construction, sports goods
6063 good corrosion-resistance and surface processing, good extrusiveness primitive extrusion material for building , construction, decoration, the electrical appliances and other daily supplies
7000 series 7003 mid-intensity alloy for welding and the material for automobile components.
7075 Is called Constol ktarl, highest-strength alloy, inferior weldability and corrosion-resistance High-strength material for aero-plane components or sports goods.
8000 series 8090 • 8091 less practicality  
• We at present produces 6,000 series alloy primarily, also once produced 1,000 series, 3,000 series, and 5,000 series and attempted 7,000 series.
The company at present has three production lines, respectively:
• 1,800-tons extruder Uses 7 ” billets
• 1,100-tons extruder Uses 5 ” billets
• 660-tons extruder Uses 4 ” billets

The production covers a wide range of products, generally speaking, every quadratic shape which encircles with the most broadside (length & width), namely, the diagonal line not exceeding 200mm, can be possibly produced, but due to the mold shape, specialized examination must be practiced before production. If the diagonal line exceeds 200mm, we may still execute the work using mold technology to overcome.

All of our quality inspection facilities are certified and proved by ISO 9002, we thus can produce extrusions that suffice the specifications and requests under CNS 2257. The facility is as follows:
• the spectrometer • the universal testing machine
• Rockwell tester • the tensile-strength testing machine
• electronic balance • aging treatment testing machine
• Webster sclerometer • Constant water Temp. bath
• mold thickness tester • block gauge, verniers the micrometer calipers, thickness gauge, etc.

These instruments can examine the physical and chemical properties of extrusions for ensuring quality consistency.


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