Our business facilities can be
introduced based on office,
production, inspection, storage and
transportation equipments
these five major aspects:
Ten Pentium IV computers, one stocking and shipping accounting software and one AUTOCAT cartography software.
We adopt machines made by Tianan Mei-Rui Industry Co. Ltd for our current 3 production lines, which include log cutting, die heater, heating furnace of log, direct extrusion press, puller, stretcher, finish saw and aging furnace, etc.
Our facility also includes a 90¢X and 45¢X log cutter, an air compressor, and a cooler.
USE:Used for cutting logs to desired billet lengths¡C
May place piles of billets on a cutting table and performs the function of serial cutting.
12KW,30KW and 30KW respectively
USE:Furnaces that preheat the mold before the extrusion takes place. The heater is automatically electric-thermo controlled to regulate accurate temperature of the furnace.
120KW,150KW,175KW respectively
USE:Allows the interior and surface temperature of a billet to evenly reach its malleability temperature while being heated in the furnace.
660 US TON,1100 US TON,1800 US TON respectively
USE:The core equipment of extrusion factory, the bigger the tones, the bigger the output power, and the larger the cross-sectional dimension of an extrusion. The extrusion material for these 3 press are 4¡ª¡B5¡ª¡Band 7¡ªbillets respectively.
USE:Motor-based puller draws a wire or rod through a die in a steady but different speed, the extruder is simultaneously driven by the puller to extrude the material into the shape required. No curving, bending or surface scratching will be found on the extrusion; this process saves the stretching time, mold loss and labor work.
20 TON,30TON,50TON respectively
USE:Stretch and straighten the extrusion squeezed out from the extruder
USE:The saw, along with a saw table, cuts the extrusion to a specified length
70KW,120KW respectively
USE:The aging furnace performs 'work of hardening' to the end products. The heat circulation within the furnace maintains the evenness of the temperature.

Shears' Staging and Saw Equipments and packaging facility.


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