We realize that a thorough management requires an association of the strength and the cooperation of whole organization. By inducting modern management in the accounting system, the production and marketing plan and stock management and carrying on a modernized reform on human resources, we reduce wastes, decrease flaws in products, and strengthen quality control to enhance management achievements and promote efficiency as a whole.
With the participation and aids of talented personnel, who introduce new ideas and methods to develop sale circuit, we thus have better compatibility on the market. Coupling with the above advantageous, the integrity of our services further enhances customer acceptance and commercial orders and differentiates our products from others.
That computerized management of stock control has efficiently coordinated and optimized the establishment of management, control and execution of our business operation. We ascertain and expect all of these merits will lead the company to a new era.
Sheng Hua has earned it reputation in aluminum extrusion since establishment and our commitment to produce customer-oriented and high-quality products has been praised from the public. We devote to developing various types of products and continuously renewing equipments. The leader's character of being diligent and thrifty has led the company to success and be recognized in the field.

Our good business credit indicates that manager's emphasis of keeping promises has become the core value of the company.

Because of the good business credit, our customer flow has always been stable and steady increasing, so does the company-customer cooperation and tacit understanding of each other. Our sales include direct-selling to various enterprises and sales on commission system. Public and/or private-operated enterprises, companies in science-based industrial park,processing factories, dealers, processing merchants in outlet area, building industries and exporters are all our selling objects.

Due to the accumulation of the considerable amount of the molds, our types of the molds are relatively complete. We can produce products for military weapons, industries, constructions, decorations, and daily uses; sizes and specifications of a product can also be varied and fixed to meet customers'needs.

We have accumulated more than 5000 sets of molds so far, so that we can provide the most complete common materials that are currently selling on the market, such as tubing, angle aluminum, trough- shaped aluminum, and flat strips, to our customers. This will be very cost-efficient to the product development; Particularly, due to early devotion to developing various types of special extrusions, we have acquired very successful research attainments with regard to the mold development design.

Our rich experiences in designing and producing aluminum products has made us to deeply understanding the characteristics of aluminum alloy, mold designs, machine equipment performances as well as product processing , which may greatly reduce the future research time of producing high value metal materials.
Nearby the industrial district the aluminum material processing and factory supports are complete. Services, such as anodizing, epoxy powder coating, hole piercing, shipping and delivery, mold opening and repairing and water and electricity machinery, all have relevant merchants to coordinate with us, so that the flexibility of managerial cooperation can be increased.
We currently have 30 local staffs and 4 foreign laborers, simultaneously the labor flow maintains low and each of them will accumulate specialized knowledge of the field.

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