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Including extrusions of components and assemblies for transportation, machining and industry supplies


Aluminum extrusion at elevated temperatures, about 400 ¢J ~500 ¢J, enables considerable changes of shape to be achieved in a single operation where otherwise shaping them is impractical. This production process can be distinguished from aluminum casting and forging. Common shapes or applications supplied by providers of aluminum extrusion include rod or wire, construction or building products, tubing or hose, etc. Briefly speaking, any identical cross section of various materials can be extruded into pre-designed shapes. According to their uses and applications, extruded products can be discriminated into general and industrial extrusions:


Including extrusions of components and assemblies for transportation, machining and industry supplies, electronic engineering and military weapons. 

2.Components and assemblies for transportation industry

Advanced countries have done massive researches in the recent years about aluminum alloy because of its merits of light weight, high hardness and recycling-ratio. In 1994 the Audi automobile has overcome all sorts of difficulties to produce A8 automobile. They uses 6082 aluminum extrusion as the main structure frame for the vehicle, efficiently reduces the automobile weight by 40%, By the application of this alloy, their production rates has increased up to 60~80 cars per month. The application largely reduces their assembling costs and saves consumers' future fuel consumption costs! 

3.Components and assemblies for machinery and industry equipment

The characteristic of each alloy will vary, simply depending on the compositions of it. Based on the needs and application purposes, aluminum alloy can be made to satisfy the requirements of hardness, tensile-strength, elongation, and elasticity.

Taking 5052-series as an example, its machinability, corrosion resistance, and durability are good, and can be further processed to be ship components. 6061-series, on the other hand, can be made into components for various industrial uses, such as bicycle bearings. Cable and wire casings that are involved in rail-construction works, are also a part of 6061's application range.

5.Extrusions for military weapons and aerospace

Various munitions factories demand huge aluminum materials, and their proportion of using aluminum metal increases year by year, no matter it is warhead processing or aviation materials. What should be aware of here is duralumin/Constol, a material of 7075-series that has high-degree hardness and can be used to produce corrosion-resisting alloy and face-plates. More often it is applied to high-strength aero-planes or structures.

1.Material for Dust-Free room construction

Nowadays, dust-free room has been greatly utilized in the high-tech and bio-chemistry industry. Aluminum extrusions are the main components for building the dust-free room itself and the machinery within. Due to the time and efforts we have been investing, we are now able to fullfill the extreme requirements in precision for the dust-free room extrusions. It is now one of our most prominent business.

Besides the structure frame, water cooler, Steering Wheel assemblies, front and rear bumper reinforcements, hoses and pipes, fuel transfer parts, front seat wheel tracks, seat connection kits, window tracks, backseat supports, CD kit supports, sunroof tracks, side protectors and patches can all be made using aluminum alloy. Extrusions are thus regarded as having a broad range of application opportunity in automobile components and assemblies. 

Under its nearly 100% recycling ratio, aluminum alloy posts extremely low treat to the environment, the re-use of the alloy can thus be an easy task to achieve. This indicates the future status of aluminum alloy in transportation industry! 

In 1990, Japanese New Rail Lines promotes the use of system 1000 trains which cross-sectional dimension structure is extrusion-welded, so to reduce 40% of vehicle net weight, as comparing to the iron ones. Aluminum alloy should be the primitive choice for manufacturing future high-speed rails and vehicles. The recent launching of domestic public projects, such as Metropolitan Railroad Transportation (MRT) and High Speed Railroad (HSR), all have employed aluminum extrusion as a major construction material. 

4.Components and assemblies for electronic engineering

The market demands for computer motherboards, stereos and electronic appliances, intercooler panels and mounting plates are huge. All of these are extrusions after precise cut. Taiwan is currently a dominative OEM country for electronic components and assemblies. Andy Grove, the chairman of the world's biggest computer-chip production company Intel, announces in his visit to Taiwan in May that Intel will increase its purchases of OEM products by 50% this year. This demonstrates that global PC demands continue to expand, which is advantageous to the market of intercooler panels.

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