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Our business facilities can be introduced based on office


Our commitment to the promotion of quality is evident by the employment of inspection facility, which includes.


Brand : German SPECTRO LAB
USE : examine the proportion of each metal constituent of an alloy, for the purpose of material quality confirmation

Meterial testing machine

Brand : Hong Da Instruments Co. ltd. HT-9502
USE : Examine a specimen of an extrusion for strength-and-stretch-test

Tensile strength testing machine

Brand : Hong Da Instruments Co. ltd HT-8011
USE : Examine the tensile strength of materials

Brand : Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd. TC-700
USE : Examine billet¡¦s temperature during production process

Dightal thermometers

Rockwell harness tester

Brand : Akashi Co., Ltd. AR-10 
USE : To test the hardness of both heat-treated iron and aluminum alloy materials

Electronic balance

Brand : Hong Da Instruments Co. ltd 
USE : To test the net weight of a material

Webster sclerometer

USE:indicator of hardness of aluminum alloy specimen or products, which value can be easily converted into HRE value through a conversion chart. Because it is simple and fast to operate and is easy to carry along with, the Webster is very suitable to perform ¡¥on-line¡¦ inspection.

Aging oven tester

Brand : Hong Da Instruments Co. ltd HT-8047
USE : The machine accelerates the deterioration rate of a material or a product to calculate its tensile and stretch rates before and after the aging treatment¡C A testsample placed in the machine (70¢XC) for one day, its aging rate is equivalent to 6 months in the natural environment. 


Block gauge¡Bmicrometer calipers, Bverniers, Bthickness gauge, etc.


3 Cranes and 2 lifters 
Extrusions will be recorded and stocked, except for those direct sales; the stocks are piled onto orresponding stands based on their lengths, types and placement time.


Two 10.5-ton and one 3.5-ton freight tracks.

Industrial Co., Ltd.


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FAX : +886-7-787-1689

ADD : No. 32, Dayou 1st St., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 83163, Taiwan R.O.C.

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